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We are a gaming/e-commerce platform that allows users to play challenging online skill games (across all major gaming formats) and a wide variety of LIVE interactive events. In addition to free games, their online community will be able to compete for cash and prizes.

Here's a 4 1/2 minute overview.

The Launch date is just around the corner. Let me know of you want to stay in the loop.

One of our unique pillar games, is called “ FantaZ LIVE”. This is the amazing game that allows players to compete in LIVE cash tournaments on MANY LIVE events like Emmys, Grammys, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, MMA, Boxing, NASCAR, etc.

This is HUGE! There are GIANT Sports Organizations, Non-Profits, Fortune 100 Corporations, and Celebrities, with millions of contacts that are standing by and very excited about introducing this platform to their Social Network / Member Base. It’s a Win-Win for them as they are able to monetize their enormous social followings, and promote themselves, or their cause, at the same time. 

I personally believe this is going to be the #1 Gaming platform in the world when all is said and done. Since inception, over $12 million has been invested, one million just on legal fees to ensure all of our games of skill are legal and comply with U.S. State and Federal laws.

MEGA earning potential from the 7-level Uni-Level and Leadership Pools. EASY TO QUALIFY: Earn on ALL 7 levels with ONLY 100-Qualification Points ($25.00 in gaming volume) generated on your front line each month from retail customers. You heard me right! Where have you EVER seen a comp plan where you can MAX-OUT the entire Uni-Level earning potential with only $25.00 worth of retail activity on your front line? I have NEVER seen a fairer comp plan but it gets even better... we are paid in REAL-TIME immediately after each game or tournament ends. Transfer your earnings by direct deposit to your bank, or choose one of the other easy ways to access and spend your earnings.

  • Imagine somebody, anywhere in your 7-level tree, that brings in a big networker, or big celebrity, or big Non-Profit Organization, who brings in thousands, or 10’s of thousands of gamers who compete for cash and prizes, and YOU have the potential to earn from ALL their activity. The sky is truly the limit.
  • Also... We earn commissions on both FREE and PAID activities.
  • This company will be launching in the USA only with tentative plans to expand international in about 9-12 months.
  • The exact launch date has not been set, however, it looks like key leaders will start being placed in the tree in the next 3 or 4 weeks.
  • Free to join for EVERYONE!
  • Those wanting to build a team and earn commissions will need to upgrade and pay the $9.95 per month back office fee.
  • My sponsor is in almost daily communication with the CEO/Founder of this company, so I can keep you updated as things progress.

To lock in your position, stay in the loop and receive my join link as soon as I’m able to send it, email me at and include INTERESTED in the SUBJECT LINE.
*** When you send also include your NAME and PHONE # ***  

Note: There are 5 states where earning cash and prizes on “Games of Skill” is forbidden by state law, as well as earning commissions for building a downline are forbidden. Our company will not be doing business in any of these 5 states: Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana and Tennessee. People in these 5 states will only be able to access and use the platform for FREE PLAY ONLY.

Special Note: If you were sent here by someone else, it is Imperative that you contact them, not me.

Dr. Rick Mayer 801-913-5566

Will it be Big?
Judge for yourself...

AT&T: They will be rolling it out to all their customers.

SPRINT: Same thing, out to all their 52 Million Customers.

The NFL: Out to all their players and former players.

MLB: Same thing, out to all their followers.

PaySafe: Out to their Millions of customers, Worldwide.

Even folks like Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian are onboard. 

It gets really interesting a the 8 minute mark.


At this point, we just need to know if you want to be kept in the loop.

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Initially we will be USA only but that will change quickly. Listen to the recording just above on Hot Big it will be.


This is something you just might want to introduce to everyone you know. They will find out about it sooner or later anyway so why not from you? 

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FreeThing is in the Google AMP format (Accelerated Mobil Pages) which is the very latest technology. It also doubles as a Progressive Web App meaning you can put it on the home screen of your smart phone and just Push Buttons to show folks.
In an elevator, grab your phone and show the video. No internet connection, no problem, you have AMP.
Think you will have someone interested?

Note: You can drop me a note if you want to be kept in the loop on more Push-Button-Marketing tools an tips as they develop, including our appSAVE® system that is launching throughout the Western Hemisphere.